🏌️‍♀️ Walton Heath Golf Club in Surrey recently made history as they were crowned the first ever winners of the English Women’s Champion Club. The victory was achieved after an intense competition against 17 other teams at St Ives Golf Club, a testament to their skill and team spirit.

The team from Walton Heath consisted of Nicola Taylor and 14-year-old twins Annabel and Emily Peaford. Their combined efforts helped secure the win for their team, finishing a remarkable 14 shots ahead of Ganton Golf Club, who were runners up in the tournament.

Emily Peaford’s performance was particularly noteworthy, with her scores of 74 and 67 contributing significantly to the team’s success. Her sister, Annabel, also held her own with a pair of 70s across both days. Their combined efforts, along with Nicola Taylor’s contribution, led them to a comfortable victory.

In second place was Ganton’s team, featuring Staveley and Sara Gilmore among others. Despite their best efforts, they fell short of the mark set by the triumphant Walton Heath team.

This victory is not just a win for the club but also a significant achievement for women’s golf. It highlights the growing popularity and competitiveness of women’s golf in England and beyond.

The English Women’s Champion Club is a prestigious event that brings together the best women’s golf clubs from across the country. The competition is fierce, with each club aiming to prove their prowess on the course.

The win by Walton Heath has set a high bar for future tournaments. Their combination of teamwork, skill, and determination proved unbeatable this year. It will be exciting to see how other clubs rise to the challenge in the coming years.

Despite the pressure of the competition, the atmosphere at St Ives Golf Club was one of camaraderie and sportsmanship. All the participating teams demonstrated respect for their competitors, further enhancing the spirit of the game.

The win by Walton Heath Golf Club in the English Women’s Champion Club is indeed a milestone in the history of women’s golf. It will undoubtedly inspire many young female golfers to pursue their passion for the sport and strive for such achievements.

Looking forward, the golfing community eagerly awaits the next edition of the English Women’s Champion Club. If this year’s tournament is anything to go by, spectators and participants alike can expect another thrilling competition filled with exceptional talent and sportsmanship.

As we celebrate the victory of Walton Heath Golf Club