Recently, we unveiled our much-anticipated list of the Top 100 Resorts in the World. This compilation is a result of tireless efforts and extensive travels by our dedicated team of course raters. These golf enthusiasts have traversed across continents, experiencing some truly spectacular resorts to bring you this exclusive list.

Our course raters are not just experts; they’re also passionate lovers of the game who enjoy nothing more than exploring new courses around the globe 🌍. They’ve played on every type of terrain imaginable and stayed at countless resorts during their journeys.

Each resort was evaluated based on various factors such as design quality, setting, service standards, amenities offered and overall experience before making it onto our prestigious top 100 list. The process wasn’t easy but it was certainly worth all the hard work when considering how valuable this guide will be for fellow golf enthusiasts seeking their next vacation destination or weekend getaway.

However, amongst these hundred world-class locations there were a few that stood out even among such high-caliber competition – favorites that left an indelible impression on our course raters’ hearts.

These favorite spots weren’t necessarily chosen because they topped any specific category but rather due to something unique about them which made them memorable. It could be anything from breathtaking views surrounding a particular hole to exceptional hospitality shown by staff members or perhaps an unforgettable meal enjoyed after completing a round.

The charm lies in those personal experiences which connect with us emotionally and leave us yearning for another visit despite having so many other unexplored places still remaining on the list!

This special selection serves as testament to diversity within luxury: each spot offering something different yet equally enchanting whether it’s serene tranquility found amidst nature’s beauty or vibrant energy pulsating through bustling city-based resorts!

It gives me immense pleasure sharing these gems with you today knowing well how much joy discovering them brought to my team members who had privilege visiting firsthand! I hope reading about their experiences inspires you to embark on your own golfing adventure soon.

Remember, this list isn’t just a ranking; it’s an invitation. An invitation to explore the world of golf beyond what you know and love. So pack up your clubs, pick a spot from our top 100 – or better yet one of our favorites – and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

In conclusion, we would like to express gratitude towards all those who contributed in compiling this list especially our course raters whose personal anecdotes added invaluable depth making it much more than just another guide but rather a journey filled with rich stories waiting eagerly for next chapters unfold at hands eager travelers like yourself!