Scottie Scheffler continued his recent dominance by winning the Masters at Augusta National to claim his first major title. Scottie Schaeffler won the 86th Masters Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club with a fourth-round under-par finish to bring his tournament total to 10 and, at age 25, his first green jacket. Scottie Schaeffler beat Australia’s Cameron Smith three times on Sunday to win the Masters under 71 and claim his first major title. Scotty Sheffler, The Texas Longhorns, won the Masters with three hits, the first significant victory of his career on Sunday.

Scotty Sheffler had four birdies on Sunday and 21 in a week to win the 2022 Masters. Scotty Sheffler followed up on Scotty Sheffler’s excellent golf game on Sunday at the Augusta National Golf Club, making key saves when needed, partaking in birdies when not expected, and keeping one sleeve with the cherished green jacket all the time.

Scotty Scheffler had a brilliant fourth-round performance on Sunday afternoon at the Augusta National, starting with parity on the first and second holes in front of a birdie on the third hole and leading Smith by four strokes. Scotty Scheffler won The Masters 2022 under 71, missing two short shots due to a double bogey 18 and finishing ten under par. Scheffler scored 71 points in the final round for a 10-point lead to 278 in the Masters.

Scheffler was the only player on the field to top par in all four rounds. Scheffler hit another par-5 birdie putt on the 15th hole, safely finding the green with his 16th tee shot and two par-putts. However, even under pressure from a potential tournament title, Scheffler did not give up, instead extending his lead at the 14th and 15th holes to five with only three spots remaining.

Scheffler hit a clutch birdie on the 14th hole, extending Scheffler’s three-hole lead to four and closing on Scheffler’s first title of the 86th Masters’ tournament. Scheffler, who never won on tour until Super Bowl weekend and can’t stop winning three times in less than two months, took that big lead on the first court and never lost it by finishing ahead. The field of shots goes to the last round on Sunday. With a big lead and an almost certain loss of the 2022 tournament title, Scheffler proved he’s the man, landing four hits, missing two from close range, before taking home the winning shot and igniting the party scenes.

Mcllroy finished in the second spot, and S. Lowry was tied in the third spot with C. Smith. Smith was very disappointed with the result as he felt that he was only a good swing away from getting into the title contention. All in all, it was a very happy tournament for Scheffler, and we hope he continues his form and remains on the top of the PGA Tour World Ranking.