Lee Westwood, a member of LIV Golf, has been perplexed by the DP World Tour after being threatened with expulsion from their primary circuit but invited to compete on their affiliated Legends Tour.

The LIV Golf rebel will be able to play on the Legends Tour when he turns 50 in the following year, and the organisers are eager to have him join.

But in February, a panel chaired by Sport Resolutions UK will rule on whether Westwood and his LIV compatriots can rightfully be barred from the DP World Tour.

Westwood, who has 25 victories on the DP World Tour, formerly known as the European Tour, has been perplexed by the offer.

Westwood told the Telegraph : “Straight after the BMW PGA Championship last month – where those of us playing on LIV were made to feel unwelcome by some of those in charge – one of the Legends Tour execs got in contact and asked me if I will play in a few of their events when I pass that milestone, I don’t really want to mention (aged 50), and he actually said there would be funds available to pay me.

“So let’s get this right – the main Tour is trying to ban me, their seniors tour is saying they’ll roll out the red carpet. It sums up the mess. I’m not sure they know what their plan is with all of this.”

Players from LIV Golf were allowed to participate in DP World Tour competitions this year while they awaited the resolution of the court case from February.

The LIV Golf series will have 14 events in 2019 and its participants are allowed to compete on the Asian Tour to earn crucial Official World Golf Ranking points.

Westwood, who had previously been a pillar of the DP World Tour, is prepared to leave the event and claims he is not “overly bothered” by the resolution of the court case in February.

He added: “We have 14 LIV events next year and can play on the Asian Tour, so I’m not overly bothered, to be honest, although I do wonder what exactly I’ve done wrong and will be interested to hear conspiring my support to the Tour over all those years.

“I’ve really enjoyed this first year with LIV. Like I said, someone coming to me at my age with an offer like this was a ‘no-brainer’.”

Westwood will next play against son Sam, making his professional debut, at the Indonesian Masters which takes place in December.